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Walter, Carlene and Desroches, Donna. Beyond the stacks. [electronic resource]


Podcast #1 - What is inquiry? (11 minutes)
Essential Question: What does inquiry have to do with information literacy in a Web 2.0 world?  Subquestions: What is inquiry? and How do we build a culture of inquiry? View on Inquiry webpage.


Podcast #2 - Inquiry and comprehension strategies (17 minutes)
Essential Question:   How do teacher-librarians engage students in becoming discerning habitual readers and critical information users in a Web 2.0 world? View on Engage In Inquiry webpage.


Podcast #3 - Planning for inquiry: Teacher-librarian and instructional design. (14 minutes)
Essential Questions: How can teacher-librarians enable the information-to-knowledge journey of students?  What are the key roles and responsibilities of the teacher-librarian in the instructional design process? View on Plan for Inquiry webpage.


Podcast #4 - Inquiry and the learning commons: Extending the ideas of Loertscher, Koechlin and Zwann.  (12 minutes) 
Essential Question: How do teacher-librarians transform their space to build an inquiry culture? View on Leadership in Inquiry webpage.


Videos (curated)

Arts Education Inquiry Units: Grades 6-9 

Seven units for middle level arts education were developed by Living Sky School Division.  The 21 video clips include companion videos on Big Ideas, The Process, and Assessment for each unit and  a related  print unit plan. These are available on the curriculum website in support materials for Arts Education Grade 6, 7, 8, and 9. These videos are accessed through R.O.V.E.R.



Inquiry-Based Learning In a Professional Development School

This professional video developed in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan provides the perspective of the professional development experience for the staff at St. Anne’s Inquiry-based Learning Community.



Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit and Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. Powerful instructional practices: A resource for teachers and administrators..(2011). [electronic resource]. 

Videos have been produced to accompany the print resource and are available on Recommended Online Video Education Resources (ROVER). ROVER offers video programs that have been purchased by the Ministry of Education for use in Prek - 12 schools in Saskatchewan.




Taylor, R., and Hayward, C. The Bakery Project [Flash Video 20 MB]. (2011-2012). Saskatoon, SK: Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU).


This video documents an inquiry into baking and a field trip to a bakery by this class of kindergarten students.  Note:  Be patient, this video takes a few minutes to load.  Explore the other resources listed on this page to find many good examples of inquiry in the early years.



Workshop 7 Assessing Inquiry.

From a series of eight online videos that demonstrate learning science through inquiry.  The link above is specific to assessment in inquiry and although the context is science the assessment strategies described and illustrated through student interactions and performances can be transferred to a variety of subject areas. Other videos in the series include: What is Inquiry and Why Do It?, Setting the Stage: Creating a Learning Community, and others.





Videos (developed for project)

Regina Catholic Schools. Mystery Skype

A grade 5 inquiry to understand the significance of Canada’s landforms in the lives of the inhabitants. The class participated in a “mystery” skype with another class in Canada to discover each location. The package includes the teacher planning, instructional materials, photos, and the questions used in video interviews held following the Skype call.


Mystery Skype Package

School Library Journal details another activity for use of Skype in the classroom






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